About Us

About us


Six13 Guard is a nonprofit organization that provides and supports professional, highly trained armed security personnel to protect not-for-profit institutions, houses of worship, academic institutions, community functions and events.

Six13 Guard is committed to promote a safe and secure environment for facilities and institutions concerned about vulnerability to acts of hostility and hate crimes.


To enable all institutions access to top tier, highly skilled security personnel where constraints make it otherwise inaccessible.

Protecting Daily

10,000 _ Children
20,000+ People
40 Schools/Shuls



What are the requirements to become a security guard in New York State?

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Is there a cost?

Yes. Six13 Guard is a Non-Profit (501c3) Company. There are costs involved, especially as they relate to training, licensing and insurance, however, the costs are significantly less than hiring traditional for-profit security guard companies.


In addition to NYS training requirements, does the Company require additional training?

Yes. Six13 has developed a best in class tactical training curriculum tailored for the mission.


What is the process to become a member of Six13 Guard

It is an institutionally driven process. An officer/clergy member of an organization contacts us and a meeting is confirmed to discuss the program.

You may download the intake form here and email it to info@six13guard.com


How does one become a guard with Six13?

Once an institution becomes a member, a vetting process is undertaken. Only applicants that are nominated by their respective institutions may apply.


What is the annual cost per guard?

$3,000 (Licensing, training, insurance)

Six13 Guard is first to create a non-profit, economically viable platform for assessment, training, and effective deployment of resources that promote safety and security